Engineers lists probable cause of Ikoyi building collapse.

On Monday, 15th November 2021, the Nigerian Institute of Structural Engineers in a preliminary report pointed to some factors that might cause the collapse of the building in Ikoyi. It states structural inadequacy, integrity test, structural distress might have caused the collapse of the building.

Why does it matter?
The collapse of this building has lifted the life on the state of housing in the western commercial capital. Property owners are looking out for structural integrity of their building following the collapse of the Ikoyi building.

The Big Picture.
The President, FNIStructE, Dr Kehinde Osifa, stated in the report that, there are clear indications of several design brief changes on the project and the engineering and management of these changes appear to have been seriously inadequate.

“The building that collapsed was initially designed for six floors, later twelve floors and further 15 floors. It could not yet be established the adequacy of any properly designed and documented further revision to the eventual 21 floors that was implemented and which collapsed.

“There are also indications that more than two structural engineering design firms worked on the project at different times.

“The preliminary investigation also revealed some evidence of structural inadequacy in the construction and that signs of some structural distress had already started to show within certain elements of the building.” He added, “You can’t test a column or a beam and say you have carried out an integrity test; that is arrant nonsense. You need integrity appraisal of the building. It can only be done by a professional. You need to get the right professionals to do the right thing and build the right ways. Do not assume it is a small project.”

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