MainOne Founder – Funke Opeke.

Equinix is expanding into Africa with the acquisition of MainOne, one of Africa’s best data centers. The value of this transaction is $320 million.

What This Means.
Equinix, an American internet connection company, has for long being seeking entry point into the African continent. At the center of Africa’s data center hub are Nigeria and Ghana, with a combined population of over 200 million people. 

MainOne, a Nigerian data hub which started out in 2010 as established itself as one of Africa’s best connectivity companies. In fact, it has three operational centers with a fourth under construction. 

As CEO and President of Equinix, Charles Meyer said this acquisition would mean that Platform Equinix can access the “expansive and rapidly growing African market.”  While MainOne gains global recognition and more resources, Platform Equinix gains unrivaled access into the massive African market.

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