Instagram, one of the social media companies with Meta as a parent company, has decided to add “repost” and “gifts” features to its platform. The repost feature comes with a very original name, “”

Driving the news
The social media giant is looking to improve the experience of its over 1 billion users by adding the repost feature, which would also eliminate the use of third-party applications to share contents. 

  • It is important to note that currently users can share someone’s posts on their stories. However, the new feature would enable users to share posts to their feeds. 
  • This means users would no longer have to create shortcuts for posts which they want to share with their friends on their stories (that expires after 24 hours). The repost feature now directly shares the content to their feeds.

What’s more?
Instagram is also adding a tipping feature as a way of appreciating their favorite content creators. This feature would be a monetization feature on the platform that allows creators to earn money through reels. 

What they are saying 
An undisclosed spokesperson for Instagram stated that the company is planning to test the feature with a few users. The source added that the company is “exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed—similar to how you can reshare in Stories, so people can share what resonates with them, and so original creators are credited for their work.” 

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