Some fuel stations in Abuja had an increased number of buyers as motorists crowded them in fear of price hike.

Why does it matter?
On Sunday 15th November 2021, there were reports of long queues in fuel stations in Wuse, Gwarimpa, Wuye, and Kubwa areas of Abuja. Fuel stations in those locations were locked, which made purchasing of fuel a little harder to get. This occurrence suggests that there might be a fuel scarcity in view.

The Big Picture.
Fuel price hike is no minor issue in Nigeria as this affects the prices of other goods, such as food. Scarcity of fuel also encourages black market. This news has hit Nigerians negatively as they clamor that with the difficult economy situation of the country, an increase in fuel prices is the least they need.

Expressing their displeasure, several motorists had this to say while speaking to News Agency of Nigeria; “They encourage black market and most times their fuel is adulterated. Why do we have to face this kind of problem every month? We need a permanent solution”.

Another motorist said; “I urge all the regulating authorities to sanction fuel station owners. They are making people suffer unnecessary and it’s for their selfish reason.”

“This is my source of livelihood. My family depends on this daily and this fuel problem will slow my productivity and return for the day.

A taxi driver said; “I fear buying from the black market because the last time I did, they sold bad fuel to me and it spoilt my fuel pump and I spent more money in fixing it. Everything is hard now and this will be bad for the citizens,”.

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