The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

Following an intense bidding contest between MTN Nigeria, Mafab Communications and Airtel, the former two have won the licenses at a bid of about $273.6 million.

Why it matters?
The Nigerian Communications Commission and Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy conducted a bidding contest amongst the three telecommunications giants to determine which two would clinch the 3.5Ghz spectrum license.

Airtel backed out at $270 million after an intense 11 rounds bid, leaving MTN Nigeria and Mafab Communications Limited to win the license. 

To determine who would get first and second place, the two companies entered another round of bidding called an assignment stage, in which MTN Nigeria won the round, staking $15.9 million. 

The full payment is to be made by February 2022 as Nigerian Communications Commission continues its plans to install 5G technology around the country.

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