The Chief Executive Officer of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that the company is adding new features to WhatsApp in its future version of the application. 

The multi-billionaire revealed that the new features majorly based on users’ privacy are coming after a study undertaken by the company. The results of the study show that while 72% of people prefer to speak in an honest or unfiltered form, over 47% prefer speaking in a safe, private space. 

What’s more? 
The features WhatsApp users can expect include the ability to leave a group chat without every participant in the group knowing. This is possible with the ‘Leave Groups Silently’ feature that Meta is introducing. Only the admins of the group will get the notice of an exit by a participant.

Another new feature coming to WhatsApp is the ability to prevent users from screenshot messages through the “View Once” feature. 

Also, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that limits who sees when the user is online. 

What you should know 
WhatsApp users continue to wait for the launch of WhatsApp Cloud API, a tool aimed at improving the efficiency of communication between businesses and their customers.

The cloud-based version, which would be accessible to all sizes of business all over the world, would enable businesses to build from WhatsApp, customize a unique experience for their customers, and improve their response time

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