The General Commodities Warehouse and Distribution Company has said that its records from the 27th of November have highlighted an 849.2 megawatts drop in power generation. Gencos further blamed the utilization of consumers for this fall.

Why it matters?
The result of the latest analysis of the amount of power generated shows that the total energy generated on Saturday, November 27, was 108,361.39 megawatts. This is a lower value from the 111,436.31 megawatts it generated a day before. This reduction in generated power has further affected the amount of energy being sent out.

The Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies, Joy Ogaji, has blamed the poor utilization of consumers for the loss in power. She said that effective use of capacity produced is often used to measure productive efficiency.

She explained that the average production costs of power falls with a rise in output. “So higher utilisation can reduce unit costs, bringing about a more competitive market which makes plants financially viable.” She stated.

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