The social media app, Telegram, has announced the launch of a subscription-based package that provides users with interesting features to improve the customers’ experience. The app which recently hit 700 million monthly active users would keep the features currently existing free, which implies that the app will still be available for users not interested in paying for the subscription package. 

The new features 

  • One feature telegram is introducing is the increased limit of files from the standard 2GB to 4GB per file, which equals a four-hour 1080p video. Also, paid subscribers can download videos at a faster rate. However, free users can download 4GB files sent by Premium users, but at a slow rate.
  • Premium subscribers get twice the limits for every existing feature, including joining up to 1000 channels and groups, 10 pinned chats, 20 public links, 10 favorite stickers, and 400 saved GIFs. Paid subscribers can also add a longer bio.
  • Paid subscribers also have the tool which converts voice to text. Also, there is an inbox management tool that can customize folders and assign a default folder, which automatically archives and mute new chats from non-contacts.
  • Other features by telegram include attaching a badge to the premium status, use of improved stickers and reactions, ban on paid ads, etc.

What you should know

  • Subscription for Telegram premium would cost Nigerian users N2,158.73 per month on IOS devices and N2,167.22 on android devices. 
  • Telegram also improved the free version to improve the user’s experience.
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