The gang rape of eight women who were attacked last month while recording a music video at a closed mine in South Africa has now been blamed on a total of 14 individuals. According to the prosecution, a 16-year-old suspect has been transferred to a juvenile facility where he will stand trial apart from his adult co-defendants.

During an identity parade earlier this week, the gang rape victims identified their alleged attackers. The suspects were first charged with violating immigration restrictions in South Africa, but they are now also accused of numerous counts of rape and robbery with aggregated circumstances.

It has “established possibilities of a successful prosecution against the fourteen defendants,” according to the National Prosecuting Authority.

Due to ongoing inquiries, the trial has been adjourned until August 28.

When the country learned of the gang rape, it was met with shock and rage, and in the ensuing violent demonstrations, males in Johannesburg’s west who were thought to be illegal miners were attacked and their residences were burned down in several cases.

Looking Back

  • The gang rape of the 8 women was described as a show of shame.
  • It sparked reprisal attacks against migrants from locals.
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