Following their boat sinking off the coast of Algeria on Monday, six migrants were discovered dead at sea and others were missing. Sources also stated that six survivors had been rescued. Around 4:00 am local time (0300 GMT), the boat capsized, “six bodies were collected and six injured individuals, including a pregnant woman, have been brought to hospital at Bainem.” Sources say

Unknown numbers of persons were reported missing, and searches were still going on. The people on the boat came from different sub-Saharan African nations. They were making an attempt to get to Europe.

What you should know

  • More than 18,500 people have been recorded dead or missing since 2014 off the Mediterranean coast.
  • The preferred destination for migrants leaving the North African country is Spain.
  • More than 2,350 would-be migrants have been saved or stopped off the coast of Algeria in the first seven months of this year.
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