According to a recent survey, sub-Saharan Africa now has more people living in poverty than South Asia. According to the report, there are around 579 million Africans who experience “severe multidimensional poverty.”

What this is about
According to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) for this year, which was created by a UN agency and a research center at Oxford University, Africa now has more people living in poverty than South Asia for the first time since the index was created. 

This is partially due to the availability of more recent data for South Asia, where 385 million people currently live in poverty, but it is also due to India’s significant improvements in the quality of life for its citizens.

Africa has also significantly witnessed more crisis that have thrown the people below poverty lines in recent years

Going forward
Despite this, India continues to have the poorest people in the world (229 million), with Nigeria having the next-highest number (97 million).

The United Nations Development Program and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative in the United Kingdom both publish the index. It is based on household surveys conducted in 111 different nations.

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