Aisha Buhari

The First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari during her condolence visit to the Governor and people of Kano State urged the relevant authorities to ensure justice is served over Hafina Abubakar death. 

Why it matters? 
Hafina Abubakar was a 5-year-old girl who was murdered by the proprietor of her school in Kano state. Alongside the proprietor, security authorities arrested two other people for conspiracy, kidnapping and other related crimes.

Speaking at the condolence visit, Aisha Buhari said that she hopes the culprits receive the capital punishment for such wicked acts. She stated that the authorities need to exact severe punitive measures to ensure such cruelty doesn’t repeat itself in society. 

The First Lady stated that her reason for being in Kano state was to condole the Governor of the state, Emir of Kano and the family of Sheik Ahmad Bamba, over the death of the late Islamic scholar Dr Ahmad Bamba.

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