Anambra State Governor, Prof Charles Soludo, in a televised interview announced that his administration is offering amnesty to agitators of violence in the state. 

What’s happening 
Anambra state and the Southeastern region of Nigeria have over the past year experienced a great deal of violence and insecurity, with security operatives being the major victims of this violence. 

  • Most recently, unknown gunmen attacked three police stations in Nnewi South Local Government area of Anambra State. 
  • There is also the concern of an enforced sit-at-home order by hoodlums across the five eastern states every Monday. 

What he’s saying 
In the interview, Gov Charles Soludo said his administration is offering a skill acquisition program as amnesty to agitators willing to surrender. He added that his government is identifying the root cause of the agitation in the state in order to engage it appropriately. 

Agitations in the state 
Gov Charles Soludo, in his latest televised interview, noted that his administration is identifying the different agitating fractions in the State and is working to inaugurate a truth and reconciliation commission to engage these fractions.

  • A fraction of agitators is calling for a Biafra nation: the secession of the southeastern states in Nigeria.
  • The demands of the group responsible for the kidnapping and destruction of lives and properties of security agencies in Anambra state is still unclear. 
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