Rt Rev (Prof) Nneoyi Egbe, Bishop of Calabar, Anglican Communion.

The Muslim-Muslim ticket of the All-Progressives Congress for the 2023 presidential election has been rejected by Rt Rev (Prof) Nneoyi Egbe, Bishop of Calabar, Anglican Communion. This was disclosed by Prof. Egbe on Monday in Calabar when he briefed reporters on the second session of the diocese’s 11th Synod.

In His Words
He stated, “We absolutely do not, will not and cannot accept a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket. Nigeria’s secularity must be respected by our leaders, everybody must have a sense of belonging.

Nigeria’s democratic process was built on the wrong foundation. Having examined the Nigerian Constitution, its place in our polity, the application to our nationhood, we have arrived at the conclusion that Nigeria’s democracy is a scam. A comprehensive scam,” he concluded.

The Bishop further mentioned that many of our institutions were founded on lies and demanded a thorough study of the 1999 constitution as modified. “Our institutions are constructed on lies, which is why we can’t fight corruption,” he declared.

Bishop Egbe stressed that denying Nigerians this was the height of insincerity and that the call for residents to own guns would only make the situation worse. Bishop Egbe lamented the high degree of insecurity in the nation and advocated for State Police.

“Refusing to acknowledge this to Nigerians is evidence of government insincerity in securing the Nigerian environment against forces pursuing their nefarious purpose, therefore urging the populace to purchase firearms would only make matters worse.

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