As vote counting started in the Angolan elections, The governing MPLA had a solid lead in Angola’s presidential and legislative elections, according to the country’s electoral commission.

According to the commission, President Joo Lourenço’s party had received more over 60% of the votes with one-third of the ballots tabulated. Unita had already deemed the first results untrustworthy. According to them, polls showed that they were going to lead in the elections.

What’s happening now
But as more votes trickle in, the governing MPLA’s earlier big advantage in Angola’s elections appears to have eroded, according to updated provisional results.

According to the National Election Commission, with more than 80% of the ballots recorded, President Joo Lourenço’s party, which has been in power for four decades, earned slightly more than 52% of the vote.

Unita, the opposing party, received just under 43% of the vote. Unita had previously stated that preliminary data indicated that it was leading the poll. They look forward to the remaining 20% tipping the jar in their favour.

What you should know

  • Despite vast oil wealth, the MPLA, which has been in power for more than four decades, has been chastised for failing to address inflation, poverty, and unemployment.
  • The incumbent president is coming back for a second term in office.
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