Nigeria’s ruling party, the All-Progressive Congress (APC) and their direct rival, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have set the prices for gubernatorial nomination forms at N50 million and N20 million, respectively.

Driving the news
APC also set the prices for the House of Representatives and Senate nomination forms at N5 million and N10 million. PDP, on the other hand, set the nomination forms for House of Representatives and Senate at N2 million and N3 million. 

Current situation 
Nigerian voters have looked to Nigeria’s two biggest parties, APC and PDP, to produce worthy candidates for elective positions seeing their dominance in Nigeria’s political space in the last decade. 

  • With preparations for 2023 elections gaining much more momentum, Nigerian voters are questioning the affordability of the nomination forms by their preferred candidates, especially as the APC pegged presidential tickets at N100 million. 
  • Support groups in Nigeria and abroad are teaming up to cover the cost of nomination forms for their preferred candidates, as in the case of the current Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.
  • APC slashed the prices of nomination forms by 50% for candidates below the age of 40.

Worthy of note 

  • APC NEC has asked all political appointees under the party to resign their positions to be eligible to contest during party primaries. This law affects Ministers, SERC Commissioners, Special Advisers, etc. 
  • The issue of zoning the presidential office has become the leading cause of disunity in PDP. The southeast is clamoring for the presidential office to be zoned to the region following the benching of the region in recent years. 
  • African Action Congress (AAC) has declared all nomination forms for the 2023 elections free. 
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