On Monday, 17th January 2022, BudgIT Communications Associate, Iyanu Fatoba, announced a discovery of N378.9bn worth of duplicated projects approved by members of the National Assembly. 

The Big Picture. 
BudgIT, a civic-tech company, says it uncovered about 460 projects in the 2022 Appropriation Act. This discovery sees the company accusing the legislative arm of the government of overshooting the Federal Government’s 2022 budget. 

In the statement released on Twitter, Iyanu Fatoba listed red flags in the budget, including allocations for hospitals replaced by purchase of washing machines and television, construction of gun armories in states with levels of insecurity, budget for food security exchanged for purchase of motorcycles, street lights, etc.

The BudgIT’s Country Director, Gabriel Okeowo, while commenting on the matter said, these irregularities by the National Assembly is a crime against the many people living below the poverty line and other hardworking Nigerians.

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