COVID-19 : Federal Government sets 2022 deadline to end pandemic.

The federal government has announced plans to convene a national summit next month to review targets set on the pandemic, having set 2022 as the target year to end the COVID-19 pandemic. It blamed the continued increase in the COVID-19 case fatality ratio on vaccine hesitation, late presentation of cases and other factors.

Why it matters.
According to previous records, Nigeria has lost nearly 3000 people to the pandemic which they insist should be more but for poor record keeping, especially in the rural areas. Therefore, the need to enforce the importance of getting vaccinated cannot be overemphasized. Looking at the aforementioned figure on the number of deaths, it’s extremely risky to go into the end of the year festivities which will involve a lot of crowded gatherings, without adequate measures to ensure that people are protected against COVID-19.

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