For the past few days, certain parts of Nigerian states, including Anambra, Kogi, Niger, Jigawa, etc have suffered massive damages from the impact of flooding. The severity of the flood is such that houses, schools, farmlands, and roads are submerged. 

Residents have abandoned their homes, motorists forced to take unknown or lengthened alternative routes, and farmers have lost their lands. The situation is now so bad that signs of the gathering of clouds send shivers down the spine of many living in these flooded areas. 

These unfortunate events are happening despite the warnings from the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) that the Cameroon-based Lagdo Dam released excess water from its reservoir, flooding River Benue, and affecting communities in Benue, Kogi, Nasarawa, Kebbi, Niger, Taraba, and Adamawa. 

These are some socio-economic activities impacted by flooding: 

  • Traveling 

Commuters plying the flooded routes have been cautioned by state governments to reduce motoring activities in those communities, seeing that the roads have been completely submerged. As a result, commuters have had to use alternative means of transportation to continue their movement or return to their departure points. Transport companies, commercial drivers, logistics companies, and other transportation associated organizations are losing revenues generated from the sectors.

  • Small business owners 

Small business owners, including food vendors, motor repairers, and other service providers along travel routes, have lost their businesses due to flooding or inactivity on some travel routes. This is a loss of livelihood to the affected families. Not only that, food vendors, for example, have to buy foodstuffs at increased prices. 

  • Fishing/Farming 

Both farmers and livestock owners in the flooded areas have lost all their crops and livestock to the flood. Like small business owners, these groups have lost their source of livelihood.

  • Education 

Education is no longer a priority in flooded areas, as their main aim is survival.

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