The journey to becoming an elected leader in Nigeria is a difficult, expensive, and long ride. Becoming the flag bearer of a political party is just the beginning of the electoral process. Candidates vying for an electable position must convince voters they deserve their singular votes. This is the essence of political campaigns besides creating awareness for a candidate. 

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would officially lift the lid on political campaigns on the 28th of September 2022. By this date, candidates seeking victory in the presidential and National Assembly elections would begin soliciting votes. Less than a month later, on the 12th of October, candidates for governorship and state house of assembly would follow suit. 

These political campaigns would last for 150 days (five months) according to Section 94 of the Electoral Act 2022. 

What to watch in Political Campaigns 
Many voting Nigerians would pay close attention to the political campaigns to grasp candidates’ solutions to the prevailing issues in the country. 

One is security. What is the value of a human life in Nigeria? According to reports, over 5000 Nigerians in the first half of the year have tragically died because of insecurity in the country. These numbers do not do justice to the terror which is plaguing the country. From unending kidnapping to more daring attacks on a moving train and an attack on the presidential guard brigade, Nigeria’s security situation is terrifying. Each presidential candidate must show Nigerians his preparedness to tackle this critical situation.

Two, Nigerians need to hear a viable solution to the country’s economic crisis. A solution that preaches monetary and structural reforms. The candidates need to explain to the public its solutions to a depreciating currency, its heavy debt profile, fuel crisis and more. 

Three, Power. Nigerians are having a difficult time running a business on increased cost of diesel and fuel. Others who do not need power for business use it as a basic necessity for life. Although the power situation seems to have improved in the last few days, Nigerians are worried if it is an election incentive? Presidential candidates need to address that. 

Presidential candidates during their campaigns need to share their plans on education, unity, nation building and many more. 

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