Time is running out for Elon on his Twitter purchase journey. He has till Friday to conclude the $44 billion deal or he is dragged to court.

Why this is happening
In April, Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter but backtracked based on allegations that Twitter has a lot of bots. Twitter then took him to court to force him to complete the purchase. While the two sides have been going back and front to conclude on the deal, Elon Musk alleges that he’s being forced to buy Twitter at an overpriced rate.

The effects 
This situation affected the price of Twitter stock in the market. It is debated that Elon has to sell thousands of Tesla stocks in order to be able to afford Twitter. While there are speculations that the deal would come through, it also signals a change in the ways Twitter will be operated and run. 

There may be more layoffs and a change in administration and finances. It has been alleged that Elon Musk will lay off 75% of workers after their acquisition. This triggered a panic in the Twitter workforce. This hasn’t been confirmed yet.  

The future
Elon Musk’s position on Twitter is still positive. He believes that a lot of updates could be done to the app. He plans to make the social media application a part of an everything app called “X”.

One of the significant updates may be the review of content moderation guidelines and restoration of accounts that have been banned prominently that of Donald Trump the former president of US. 

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