ENDSARS: Nigerian Army shot live bullets, killed Lekki Toll gate protesters while singing national anthem, says Lagos panel.

The Lagos state judicial panel on #endsars had on Monday submitted its report to the Lagos state government in which it clearly found the Nigerian Army and police guilty of firing live bullets at peaceful protesters at Lekki Toll gate last year. Also, they concluded that the absence of officers of the Nigerian Army who were present at the Lekki Toll gate after being summoned by the panel was a calculated attempt to conceal material evidence from the panel.

 The panel countered the oft-repeated characterization of the Lekki protesters by the senior government officials as a gathering of anti-government criminals who wanted to oust President Muhammadu Buhari from office.

But the panel noted that the” gathering at the Lekki Toll Gate was not that of hoodlums and cultists. They were vigilant against petty thieves and miscreants who they apprehended and handed over to Policemen.”

“They had private security men and bodyguards, they also had ambulances to attend to health issues, they had welfare officers who took care of feeding the protesters and they had an effective sanitation team that cleared the protest ground daily through consistent sweeping with zero tolerance for dangerous items and weapons such as stones, sticks, guns, machetes, etc. They also had an effective crowd control mechanism.”

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