An airstrike targeted the capital city of the Tigray province in northern Ethiopia on Tuesday, according to officials. The air strike hit the Mekelle University campus.

Why this matter
The strike comes just days after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which has been fighting the central government for nearly two years, declared it was willing to participate in African Union-led peace talks and formed a negotiating team and stated its willingness to engage in peace talks.

What you should know
Aid deliveries to the Tigray region have been halted by government forces and their supporters, which now include Eritrean troops. According to the UN, a lack of vital items is causing a humanitarian calamity.

Since hostilities resumed in August, following a truce agreed upon in March, the city has been hit many times.

On Sunday, the TPLF declared its readiness for an “immediate and mutually agreed suspension of hostilities. “Both parties are now interested in peace discussions organized by the African Union. With recent attacks, Cease-fire talks are now hanging in the balance.

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