The federal government, through the FCT Minister Muhammed Bello, has on Wednesday approved N718 million to install a surveillance system and for equipping security services on the Abuja light rail transportation system. The federal government also approved the sum of N1.4 billion for the repairs and purchase of materials for a crane of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

What they are saying 
The FCT Minister Muhammed Bello named the companies to provide security services along the 45 kilometer track to be Messers Al-Ahali Security Guards Limited and Messers Seaguard Security and Protective Company Limited.

He added that the security companies were to protect “the key infrastructure on the rail tracks, the signaling and communication equipment as well as the electrical system.”

Why this matters 
Railway travel in Nigeria gained popularity following the increased reports of abduction on Nigerian highways. But from October 2021 to date, Nigeria has suffered two major railway security breaches. The latest was the March 28th incident, in which some victims of the attacks are still in the custody of their abductors

Although the federal government doesn’t have intention of opening the Abuja-Kaduna railway for commercial use anytime soon as a sign of respect to the families of the victims, the federal government is taking proactive measures to ensure the avoidance of such incidents. 

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