The Nigerian government’s revised travel protocols for travelers would take effect from today, Monday, April 4th 2022. 

Current situation 
The revised travel protocols by the Federal Government stop mandatory PCR tests of inbound fully vaccinated travelers. In addition, fully vaccinated passengers will not carry out post-arrival PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests on arrival into Nigeria. 

  • Children younger than 18 will receive the same treatment as adults. 

On the other hand
Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated passengers would take a 48hours pre-departure PCR test and a Day Two and Seven post arrival PCR test, with the traveler covering the cost.

The Federal Government advised outbound travelers to have evidence of complete vaccination and to comply with the Covid-19 requirements of their destination or transit countries. 

The Big Picture 
With the significant decline in covid cases in the country and globally, Nigeria, like many other countries, is relaxing its covid-19 protocols in a bid to return the country to normalcy. The Nigerian government also on Friday revoked the mandatory use of nose masks in public places. The Federal Government is focusing its efforts on monitoring, vaccination, increased testing and genomic sequencing as the fight against Covid-19 continues. 

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