Flooding and Hurricanes have pummeled the state of Florida in the United States causing power outages for almost two million people and killing two people in Cuba.

What is happening
This phenomenon is not like they have seen in so many years. Hurricane Ian had been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane. It had maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour (249 kilometres per hour), falling just shy of a Category 5 hurricane, the most destructive rating.

Catastrophic flooding and life-threatening storm surges are expected. As the storm blew past Florida’s Key West on Tuesday night, some communities received catastrophic flooding.

Going forward
Millions of Floridians along the coast have been ordered to evacuate.

What you should know
Ian has already wreaked havoc on Cuba, killing two people and leaving the entire island without power. It will eventually strike Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as it moves up, but it will be much weakened by then, downgrading to a tropical storm. 

Hurricane Ian has caused power outages for almost two million consumers in Florida and the blackouts would persist until recovery efforts can begin after the Hurricane passes. 

Hurricane Ian has prompted Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to proclaim a state of emergency. This decision comes as the hurricane is scheduled to hit areas of the state, which is located north of Florida, on Friday. The states of South Carolina and North Carolina have also declared states of Emergency.

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