Recent developments emerging from Russia have hinted that the European country led by Vladimir Putin might be preparing for an all-out-war in Ukraine after invading it eight months ago. President Putin is allegedly raising the stakes after suffering a few military setbacks since he launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022.

Here are the signs: 

  1. Bomb Shelters 

Multiple sources out of Russia have suggested that residents in the country are repurposing house spaces, especially basements to serve as bomb shelters. Also, schools and hospitals are reinforcing spaces and/or building new ones. 

  1. Economy 

Experts at the Loko Invest Brokerage recently disclosed that President Putin put about 40 percent of the country’s economy into war footing; meaning that everything regarding development of education, infrastructure, medical care, etc. is subsiding.  

  1. Police 

Again, there are reports that Moscow police are participating in advanced training exercises, including shooting machine guns and throwing grenades at out-of-town locations. Moscow’s police before now trained with pistols and rarely left town. 

  1. Emergency Drills 

Images and videos released on Monday showed President Putin observing emergency drills by the country’s strategic nuclear forces. These drills focused on responding to a massive nuclear attack on Russia. 

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