The Chief Executive Officer of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has on Thursday announced the launch of WhatsApp Cloud API, a tool aimed at improving the efficiency of communication between businesses and their customers. 

Driving the news
The cloud-based version, which would be accessible to all sizes of business all over the world, would enable businesses to build from WhatsApp, customize a unique experience for their customers, and improve their response time.

What Meta is saying
Mark Zuckerberg in his launch speech said, “Today we’re launching WhatsApp Cloud API for any business of any size around the world. This will allow businesses and developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers quickly and easily.” 

What this means 
WhatsApp users would be able to interact with their favorite brands using the social media platform. Also, the customers have full control of which businesses they chat with as businesses cannot chat with them unless they accept the requests. 

What you should know 

  • Meta says that the new tool would eliminate costly server expenses and give businesses instant access to new features such as customizable click-to-chat links. 
  • Meta is also making changes to WhatsApp business, which already has some features that are not available to the normal WhatsApp version, such as customized replies, greetings, away messages, statistics, etc.
  • A major feature coming to WhatsApp business is the ability to manage chats across 10 devices, customizable by click-to-chat links. 
  • The date and fee would soon become public information as the company is still developing the feature.
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