Nigerian soldiers and members of the Niger State police force were the latest victims of the insecurity that has continued to traumatize the Nigerian public.

Driving the news

  • The gunmen ambushed the security personnel after the authorities deployed the latter to search and rescue the surviving victims of an earlier attack on the shiroro mine last Wednesday.
  • Reports say that the unidentified gunmen opened fire on the reinforcement group of about 30 soldiers riding in three trucks to the scene of the earlier attack. 
  • Authorities have confirmed the death of over 30 security persons while an unknown number of workers at the mine are missing, including four Chinese nationals.

What they are saying 

  • Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, commented on the event through his Twitter page saying the gunmen who perpetrated the attacks were sadists and they would be found and punished.
  • An unnamed soldier said the loss deeply hurt the Nigerian army, but won’t give up to insecurity. 
  • Locals say that it is unclear which terrorist group carried out the massacre although suspected members of Boko Haram had established a camp in Shiroro last year. 
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