The latest data by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) revealed that the ongoing continuous voters registration exercise, which INEC would suspend by 31st of July 2022, has recorded an addition of 11 million citizens to the voter register as at 7 a.m, Monday, July 25 2022.

What’s more 
The report by INEC further stated that of the 10,487,972 new registrants, 3,391,940 registered online while the rest 7,619,179 completed the exercise through physical attendance. 

By gender classification, 5,453,071 males and 5,558,048 females had completed the exercise. The reports also show that Nigerian youths made up a major number of the 11 million registrants, with 7,828,570. 

What you should know 
INEC projected a voting population of 95 million for the 2023 election. The numbers released by the commission as of June 28th stated Nigeria’s voting population stood at 84 million people; “11 million voters more than all registered voters of 14 other countries in the West African and Sahel region.

State governments in Nigeria, including Lagos State, Niger, State, Zamfara State and Bauchi State, have declared public holidays to enable residents to register for their permanent voters card (PVC).

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