The latest data by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) revealed that the suspended continuous voters registration exercise completed the registration of 12,298,944 Nigerians as of 7a.m, Monday, August 1st, 2022.

What’s more 
The report by INEC disclosed that of the over 12 million completed registrants, 8,784,677 were youths, while 2,430,709 were middle-aged persons and 959,017 were elderly people. Classifying the newly registered voters by gender distribution, INEC reported 6,074,078 males and 6,224,866 females. 

Also, Lagos, Kano and Delta State recorded the highest number of registrants, with 585,629, 569,103 and 523,517, respectively. While Imo, FCT, Yobe and Ekiti recorded the lowest number of registrants in a state with 213,270, 211,341, 152,414, 124,844 newly registered voters, respectively. 

What you should know 
INEC suspended the continuous voters registration exercise on Sunday, 31st July 2022. However, INEC projected a voting population of 95 million for the 2023 election. The numbers released by the commission as of June 28th stated Nigeria’s voting population stood at 84 million people. Future reports will reveal if the commission met its target. 

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