According to official media accounts, Iranian police clashed with students at one of the country’s most famous institutions on Sunday. The protest started on Sunday as the students resumed and clashes started soon after, spilling over into Monday. According to reports, a large number of students at Sharif University in Tehran have also been detained in the school parking lot.

Why this is happening
Protests against the government erupted in Iran in September following the murder of a woman held by the morality police.

Mahsa Amini, 22, was placed in a coma after morality officers detained her for allegedly violating headscarf restrictions.

Officers allegedly used a baton to strike Ms. Amini’s head and bashed her head on one of their trucks. The police have stated that there is no proof of maltreatment and that she died of “sudden heart failure.”

Going further
Protests began during her funeral and have since expanded throughout the country. According to Iran International, security personnel raided student dormitories and shot weapons into them.

Many students attending Sharif University for the first time began classes on Sunday. Crowds gathered outside the campus’s main entrance late in the evening after hearing about the fights, according to reports. Despite an increasing death toll, anti-government rallies in Tehran and other cities across the country have risen in the last two nights.

More than 95 people have been killed in the protest and Authorities have threatened to crack down hard on the protestors, whom they blame on Iran’s external foes.

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