Following the peaceful passing of Queen Elizabeth II at her Scottish home on Thursday, September 8th, the UK’s longest serving monarch would be laid to rest today, September 19th 2022. Royalties, heads of state and dignitaries from all over the globe will grace the ceremony, excluding Russia and Belarus.

Queen Elizabeth II would be buried next to her parents, sister and late husband of about 74 years (the Duke of Edinburgh) at Windsor Castle. As expected, the process of burying the Queen is a very complex one, as it involves traditions, events, native attire, etc. 

Furthermore, when the Royal family lays Queen Elizabeth II to rest at George VI Memorial Chapel, a couple of items will be buried alongside her. 

What jewels will Queen Elizabeth II be buried with?
Although at the time of this report, officials have not announced the exact arrangements for the burial, Lisa Levinson, the head of communications at the Natural Diamond Council, described her majesty to be a simple and humble person. This may translate to the attire they would bury the late Queen with. 

Lisa Levinson claims they might dress the Queen in a simple Welsh gold wedding band and a pair of pearl earrings. 

The expert added that “Her majesty’s life has always been about the legacy of the Royal Family, in the UK and Commonwealth. Her jewels form very much part of that legacy.”

Another report by Mok O’Keeffe of GayAristo claims that the jewels in the queen’s possession would be likely “passed to the future Monarch and the Queen Consort.” 

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