Unsanctioned Gold Mining Operation

A coordinated security sweep by a joint security task force of Nigerian security agencies has taken place in Abuja. The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Josephine Adeh, confirmed the raid while speaking to newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday.

Why it matters? 
Reports of banditry in several parts of Northen Nigeria have been a worrisome concern for the presidency, security agencies, and Nigerians. To tackle this, Nigerian authorities formed a joint security task force code named G-7.

Josephine Adeh said this raid by the G-7 has resulted in the arrest of three Chinese National and several other suspects responsible for kidnapping, robbery and other violent crimes. She explained that the G-7 task force stormed several hideouts between the boundaries of the FCT and surrounding states. 

She further added that, at one of the criminal hideouts, they discovered an illegal gold mining site where miners were working in synchronization with the bandits. Their operations were shut down and suspects handed over to the authorities.

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