The conclusion of last month’s presidential election has been unanimously upheld by the Kenyan Supreme Court. The Court has rejected Raila Odinga’s challenge to the presidential election outcome, confirming Willian Ruto as the winner of the 9 August election and the president-elect.

Their points
Raila Odinga and other petitioners failed to prove their claims, according to Chief Justice Martha Koome. According to the chief justice, there was no proof that anyone tampered with the results transmission mechanism and that the commission adequately explained how the system captured the results forms.

They also questioned the decision of Four of the seven electoral body commissioners who disavowed the results. The four commissioners failed to present any evidence that the outcome was tainted, and they failed to explain why they participated in a verification process that they later claimed was “opaque,” according to the chief justice.

What’s next
The constitution requires that President-elect William Ruto be sworn in next Tuesday.

This was Raila Odinga’s sixth unsuccessful presidential attempt, and, in his words, the final one at the age of 77.

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