Queen Elizabeth II accumulated a fortune before her peaceful passing on 8th September 2022. In fact, a royal expert Katie Nicholl in an interview regarded the Queen as “a very canny businesswoman.” Furthermore, the Sunday Times in Britain reported the Queen to be worth £370 million or $426 million in 2022, an increment of £5 million from her worth in 2021. The publication attributed this rise to the Queen’s stock market assets.

Another report by Forbes estimated the Queen to be worth $500 million in assets as of 2021. Her public assets include broches, jewellery, race horses, etc. Some of which she received by constitution in her rights as UK’s monarch.

Luxurious Items the Queen Owned

  1. A tiara made up of 1333 diamonds 

Queen Elizabeth II received a 1333 diamond tiara which previous monarchs had worn as far back as George IV’s coronation in 1821. The monarchs wear the piece made by London jeweler Rundell & Bridge only for official occasions. 

  1. The world’s largest clear-cut diamond

Similar to the tiara, the Royal family possesses the largest clear-cut diamond in the world, weighing 530.4 carats or 106.08g. Many have raised questions about whether the diamond piece named Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa was given to the royal family or stolen from Africa. 

  1. Scotland’s gold mines 

The Royal Mines Act enforced that all the gold and silver mined in Scotland from 1424 until 1592 belonged to the royal family. 

  1. Aquatic mammals in the UK 

All whales, dolphins, and porpoises within a three miles radius of the UK’s coastline are constitutional properties of the Queen.

  1. Art collection 

The Queen’s Buckingham palace has the largest private art collection in the world. The collection includes 7,000 paintings, 150,000 works on paper, 30,000 watercolours and drawings, and about 450,000 photographs, along with tapestries, furniture, ceramics, textiles, carriages, weapons, armour, jewellery, clocks, musical instruments, tableware, plants, manuscripts, books, and sculptures.

  1. Wimbledon Royal Box

A 74-seater box on the Center Court at Wimbledon is the best place to enjoy the beautiful game. Built in 1992, the Wimbledon Royal box is an entertainment spot for friends and guests, including the members of the Royal family, political figures, and commercial partners. 

  1. Racehorses 

Queen Elizabeth II had a keen interest in horses after receiving a pony on her fourth birthday from King George V. Following her ascension, Queen Elizabeth II inherited the Royal Stud of Sandringham from her father, as reported by the BBC. It is unclear how many horses she owned, but just last year she entered over 150 of her horses in the Flat season. The Queen also reportedly earned about $9 million annually through these horse racing tournaments.

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