Alhaji Shanono, a terrorist leader, and 17 of his fighters were killed on Tuesday when the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) struck their site in Kaduna State. In airstrikes sent out by the “Operation Whirl Punch”, Alhaji Shanono and his fighters were killed while having a meeting at Ukambo, a village around 131 kilometres from Kaduna.

According to a senior Air Force commander, the attacks caused the release of 26 terrorist hostages while also destroying approximately 30 firearms and 20 motorcycles, several terrorists have been killed and their hideouts have been destroyed. One of these attacks, which took place on August 9th, 2022, led to the death of a well-known terrorist commander operating in Kaduna State.

How it happened
“Indeed, following receipt of intelligence that he had scheduled a meeting with his foot soldiers at Ukambo, a village about 131 kilometres from Kaduna, the Air Component of Operation, Whirl Punch, dispatched aircraft for interdiction mission at the location.

“Overhead the location, terrorists were sighted under clusters of trees at the foot of Ukambo high ground and after ensuring the absence of civilian settlements within the location, the crew received authorisation to strike. Feedback from local sources disclosed that over 30 rifles and 20 motorbikes were destroyed while about 18 terrorists, including Alhaji Shanono, were neutralised while others sustained various degrees of injuries.

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