NAF sergeant arrested in connection with attack on NDA, Kaduna

Sergeant Torsabo Solomon, an officer in Nigeria’s Air Force, was arrested yesterday, being allegedly linked to the recent bandit attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna. This attack resulted in the death of two officers and one abducted.

Why does it matter?
Sergeant Torsabo Solomon, who has his attachment at Air Force Comprehensive School Yola, faces charges relating to arms and ammunition. They arrested Sergeant Solomon yesterday at the NAF’s 153 BSG in Yola, Adamawa state.

They have transferred Solomon to Kaduna for further interrogation. He is also being investigated for selling weapons to bandits and criminals.

The Big Picture.
The attack by bandits was in August during which two officers lost their lives and one officer was abducted. A military rescue troop conducted a successful rescue operation in September to retrieve the abducted soldier.

Reports say the order to arrest Sergeant Solomon to have come from IM Yusuf, a major-general and the commandant of the Nigerian Defense Academy
Recall that, when the news of the attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy hit the news, there was panic in the air about how Nigerians would feel safe when the military bases were not safe.

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