The Joint Action Committee of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities and the Non-Academic Staff Union have on Wednesday announced an extension of 8 weeks to the ongoing strike.

Driving the news 
The National President, SSANU, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, and General Secretary, Mr. Peter Adeyemi announced the union’s decision in a joint statement stating the reason for the extension was the inaction of the federal government. 

  • The statement reads in part “In view of the fact that the government is still a long way from effectively resolving the issues in contention, it is only expedient that we allow the process to be fully concluded before directing the end of the strike. Consequently, you are hereby informed that the strike has been extended by two months, within which we are hoping that all the contentious issues will have been effectively laid to rest. The two-month extension is with effect from Friday, June 24, 2022’.’

Brief background to the story 
NASU and SSANU embarked on a long-term strike after two weeks’ warning on March 27th 2022, to express their displeasure over the unresolved issues with the federal government. 

What you should know 

  • Some of the demands of SSANU include the adoption of the University Transparency Accountability Solution (UTAS), unpaid earned salaries, delay in the renegotiation of the FGN – NASU, SSANU agreements, and non-payment of minimum wage arrears.
  • Others include poor funding of Nigerian state universities, non-payment of retirement benefits to outgoing members of the unions, etc.
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