Covid -19 Vaccine.

With the fear of a fourth wave more intense than ever, Covid-19 infectious cases have continued to rise the Nigeria Center for Disease Control data reveals.

The Big Picture. 
As the world continues to battle coronavirus, there have been calls for Nigerians to re-intensify safety measures. The reason for these calls are the latest reports from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control. 

From November 8 to December 4, Nigeria Center for Disease Control recorded over 580 new cases of COVID-19 infections. These numbers drastically increased as between December 5 and December 11, NCDC reported as much as 2,496 cases. 

These figures are worrying as the threat of a fourth wave seems closer than ever before. Reports show that all over the country, the intensity of safety precautions seems to have relaxed. Data from NCDC also shows that the testing rate seems to have dropped by 77.8% in December compared to the rate in November.

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