The latest data by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) released on July 7th 2022 shows that the number of Nigerians who have completed the registration for the National Identification Number (NIN) has risen to 85.59 million. This figure is an increment of 2.86 million registrants from the last data of 82.73 million enrollments released by the commission in May 2022. 

Breakdown of the data 

  • By gender, more males have completed the registration with 56% representing 48 million of the total enrollments and 37.52 million females, representing the rest 44% .
  • In terms of state distribution, Lagos State has recorded the most number of registrants, with 9.73 million people. Kano State follows Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest commercial city, with 7.3 million completed registration and Kaduna State with 5 million. 
  • Other states with high registration include Ogun with 3.5 million; Oyo with 3.4 million; FCT with 3 million; Katsina with 2.8 million; Rivers with 2.6 million; Delta with 2.3 million; and Niger with 2.2 million.

Why this matters 
NIN database provides the Nigerian government with a credible database to carry out investigative activities. 

In case you missed it 

  • The Nigerian government in December 2020 directed all telecom users in the country to link their unique NIN to their SIM cards. The federal government made registration centers available to assist Nigerians who don’t have the unique pin.

What you should know 

  • To convince customers who haven’t completed the NIN-SIM linkage program, telecom operators in Nigeria have introduced bonuses to woo the sect. 
  • Globacom introduced Glo NIN Offer, which is “a one-time bonus offer that applies only to customers who were barred from making outgoing calls on the Glo network as directed by regulatory authorities due to NIN non-compliance.”
  • Airtel Nigeria promises customers a N20,000 bonus once they re-link their lines. 
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