NNPC GMD, Mele Kyari.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPC), Mele Kyari, has promised Nigerians that the fuel scarcity in Nigeria’s mega cities, including Abuja and Lagos, would end in 3 days. 

Driving the news 
Mele Kyari, while speaking on a televised interview, stated that the fuel scarcity currently being experienced in Nigerian cities was as a result of a disruption in supplies. He also stated that the commission had noted the issues with increased prices and NNPC was working to neutralize the situation.

What the NNPC boss said 
Mele Kyari said, “First of all, there are issues around supply disruptions, we are overcoming them, we have resolved them, and in the next 3 to 4 days, people will see relief and it (fuel queues) will vanish. 

  • On PMS pricing, Kyari stated that, “there is no question around it (PMS price); the President has authorized his discretion, and the right decision to increase the cost of transporting fuel by N10, that means transporters will be able to take product from any depots to the furthest fuel station without any delay.”

In case you missed it 

  • The last time there was fuel scarcity in Nigeria was in February 2022 when the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) imported 170.25litres of adulterated fuel from suppliers in Europe. In that time, black marketers sold PMS at over N400 per litre.
  • Last month, the federal government boasted that NNPC had 2.65 billion liters of fuel in storage, which can meet the country’s demand for 47 days.
  • At the time of this filing, there were reports of fuel scarcity in Lagos, Abuja and Oyo.
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