According to information released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC), the nation’s gas-fired power plants received a total of 594 mmscfd of gas from NNPC in the month of October 2021.

What this means
According to a statement made by Mr. Garba Muhammad, Group General Manager of the Group Public Affairs Division, the amount was lower than the 557 mmscfd provided in September 2021, the previous month.

It was also mentioned that the information appeared in the NNPC’s Monthly Financial and Operations Report (MFOR) for October 2021, the 75th edition since the publication of the report began in 2015.

Why it matters
According to the data, the overall gas supply for power for the month resulted in an average power generation of roughly 2,944 Mega Watts (MW), up from 2,701MW for the previous month. It emphasized that further analysis of the gas production and supply matrix for the reviewed period revealed a total production of 197.71 billion cubic feet (BCF), of which 121.05BCF were commercialized.

According to the report, 34.93BCF of the commercialized volume went to the domestic market while 86.13BCF was exported.

This suggests that 62.54% of the daily average amount of gas generated was commercialized, with the remaining 37.56% being flared, reinjected, or used as upstream fuel gas. According to the data, the Petroleum Goods Marketing Company (PPMC) sold and distributed 1,101.02 million litres of white products in the month under review as opposed to 1,390.19 million litres in September 2021.

The report also revealed that 28 vandalized points, or a 33.33 percent increase from the 21 points documented in September 2021, were noted on the company’s pipelines in October 2021.

The Mosimi and Port Harcourt regions accounted for 96% and 4%, respectively, according to the NNPCL.

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