While discharging fuel into an underground storage at a filling station, reports say a petrol tanker caught fire in Bashorun, Ibadan, Oyo state. Reports say that it took the bravery of the driver to reduce the damage it could have caused.

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A petrol tanker in front of Olarem Filling Station at the Bashorun area of Ibadan was discharging fuel into a storage when they spotted fire beneath the truck. The truck driver got into the truck and drove it away from the filling station to prevent further damage. The truck then went up in flames once parked by the roadside.

Drivers abandoned their cars along the road while residents fled in fear of the fire spreading to the buildings. At the time of this report, firefighters were already in the area and had reduced the damage the fire could have caused in the area.

The Director of Operations of Oyo State Fire Service, Ismail Adeleke, said that the environment is now safe, and they have restored order.

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