If an electoral deal cannot be achieved, Somaliland’s successes in democratic administration may be in jeopardy, according to the US Embassy in Mogadishu. 

Matters Arising
President Abdi’s current term as president expires in November, the opposition believes he intends to put off the election and accuses him of trying to extend his tenure through the “Guurti,” a council of elders that serves as Somaliland’s de facto parliament.

The president, Abdi, remained mum over whether those slain were citizens or security personnel.

What you should know

  • The northern portion of Somalia declared independence thirty years ago and has since lobbied for international recognition.
  • Although Somaliland split apart from Somalia in 1991, its independence has not been widely acknowledged internationally. Despite Somalia’s 30-year civil conflict, the region has remained largely quiet and peaceful.
  • Anti-government protests are the legal rights of citizens to express their anger to the government against a concerning issue or a recurring event. 
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