In Russia, reservists are being mobilized for the conflict with Ukraine. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, this represents only 1% of the country’s entire mobilization resource.

What’s going on
Russia is thought to have approximately 2 million reservists. These are persons who have completed their military service, which is mandatory in Russia. The 300,000 reservists being called now are soldiers with military experience, however, it is unclear what that entails or who it relates to.

Why is this happening
President Putin declared a partial mobilization of reservists for his “special military operation” in Ukraine. He stated that this was a vital action to safeguard the territorial integrity and defend civilians in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territory.

On Ukraine’s side
250 Ukrainian servicemen who were part of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have returned home to assist in the fight against Russian forces.

When Ukraine’s aviation section announced its pullout in March, diplomats worried that the UN mission would be severely short of helicopters. These are critical in the war against the numerous rebel organizations located in Congo.

Ukraine already withdrew its forces from the second UN peacekeeping mission where they had been deployed since the Russian incursion in February.

As the Ukrainians left the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Brazilian commander of the UN mission, Gen Marcos da Costa, expressed gratitude for “their ten years of outstanding contribution.”

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