Anti-Government Protest in Freetown – Sierra Leone

During a protest sparked by the high cost of living and housing crisis, Numerous citizens have reportedly been killed in anti-government protests, along with eight police personnel, according to Sierra Leonean authorities.

According to numerous sources, there were 21 civilian fatalities. Earlier this week, thousands poured out into the streets to protest the rising costs and unbearable inflation.

The turmoil, particularly in Freetown, according to journalist Umaru Fofana, is quite unusual for Sierra Leone.

The reason according to him “Because they are tired of the high cost of living, corruption, and police violence, hundreds of people have been participating in protests in Freetown as well as in locations like Makeni and Kamakwie in the opposition’s northern stronghold”

Following the deadly outcomes, armed officers are patrolling the streets of the nation’s capital, Freetown, where enormous crowds have been throwing rocks, burning tires, and smoke clouds and tear gas can be seen, while the government has also imposed curfews in order to bring calm to the nation.

What’s happening now

  • The Government has imposed a curfew all over the country.
  • 8 policemen have also been killed.
  • Police said the nighttime curfew that was put into effect on Wednesday will continue. There were occasional outages yesterday and overnight, 

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