It is no news that on Thursday Florida was hit with what one could easily describe as the worst hurricane in the state’s history. Hurricane Ian, which left 2.6 million people without power, invaded the state with strong winds, life-threatening and catastrophic flooding.

But in the aftermath of this catastrophic event, here are some unbelievable things that happened in Florida’s hurricane Ian:

Surge in water levels 
In certain areas of the state, water levels surged so high that they reached rooftops. The water level rose as high as 12 feet. Orlando, in central Florida, broke its 24-hour rainfall record with 12.49 inches of rain.

Presence of Sharks
Multiple reports spotted deadly sharks swimming in the streets, flooded with water. 

The biggest flood events 
The Florida State Governor, Don DeSantis, classified Hurricane Ian as the biggest flood event the southwest area of the state has ever recorded. Even US President Joe Biden, on Thursday afternoon, said, “this could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history.”

Properties swept away 
Multiple sources reported the washing away of their belongings, including cars and boats were swept away. The death toll was yet to be confirmed at the time of this report. 

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