The administrator, who was born in Plateau State, also criticized FIFA’s rules governing the NFF and other associated national federations. The fiery Dalung continued, “FIFA status is just a piece of worthless paper as far as I’m concerned.” “Because the constitution stipulates that the national legislature must domesticate a treaty before it can have legal effect in Nigeria.

In His Words
“As I speak to you, the national assembly has not domesticated the FIFA law, yet despite this, we perform sports in Nigeria under laws that are unknown to our local system. As a result, the election dilemma will persist because the number of terms a president may serve is set by law.”

He asked, “If the Nigerian construction has limited tenure to two terms, why do you have persons with life terms in national federations?” “Limitation of tenure is already under construction,” he said.

“That is against the spirit of our national constitution,” Dalung continued. Although I limited tenures to two terms only while I was there to ensure compliance with our constitution, I’m not there right now, so I’m unaware of the current situation.

The book Sports Law and Practice, written by PhD-holder Olowononi, is the first of its kind in Nigeria and the result of eight years of legal research.

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