Seven more kidnapped victims of the Kaduna state train incident on March 28 have been liberated on Wednesday morning after spending 135 days in the terrorists’ hands.

However, it is unclear whether a ransom was paid to the terrorists in exchange for their release. 42 victims have so far reclaimed their freedom. 35 people are still being held captive as of right now.

Tukur Mamu, a member of the negotiating team, revealed that a couple and their four children are among the six captives who have been freed.

Abubakar, the father of the four children, is a staff member of the National Assembly Commission and the son of Major General Chris Garba, a former military administrator of the states of Kano and Benue. He was released alongside his wife and four children.

A 60-year-old woman named Hajia Aisha Hassan was also freed by the terrorists; she was alleged to have been released because of newly deteriorating life-threatening medical conditions.

What you need to know about this

  • On March 28, terrorists detonated a rail track, killing some and kidnapping dozens of passengers. This incident raised serious questions about the safety of the nation’s trains.
  • The terrorist has also threatened to kidnap Buhari and other prominent Nigerians.
  • Nigeria has recorded 111 kidnap cases in 11 months.
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